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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  January 18, 2010 7:17pm-7:30pm EST

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just as president hameed karzai swore in members of his new cabinet. in india today, richard holbrooke condemned the attack. >> it's not surprising that the taliban do this sort of thing, they're desperate people. >> reporter: it may get worse, as the american military steps up its counter insurgency campaign, the taliban may resort to more attacks against civilian targets. the center of the capital remains under total lockdown as western intelligence officials fear, there may be still more taliban suicide bombers on the loose in the city. jim miklaszewski, nbc news, kabul. when we continue in a moment, the cliffhanger in massachusetts, are the democrats about to lose the kennedy seat in the senate? the seat the gop now wants so badly. and there's the meloaf. yuck. look what sometimes happens with the ordinary bag. it slips, oh, bingo, it falls in.
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and that's when i got prevacid®24hr... and my sense of humor back. (announcer) the #1 prescribed acid reducer brand over the last decade is now over-the-counter to treat frequent heartburn a full 24 hours. prevacid®24hr. when you've had it with heartburn™ in washington today, president obama and his family members chose to commemote this martin luther king day reaching out to people in need serving at a soup kitchen called some so others might eat. now to a political upset brewing in massachusetts. it was supposed to be a layup shot, getting a democrat elected to ted kennedy's 47-year senate seat. some democrats thought it didn't matter which democrat they ran. the election is tomorrow, and it turns out it does matter. the special election could
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affect everything the president nts to accomplish. our report tonight from kelly o'donnell in boston. >> reporter: barely known beyond boston only days ago, scott brown is the upstart candidate on the national stage today. a state senator, brown has kept his republican party label out of his campaign. not on his bus, signs or tv ads. brown offers himself as an independent minded regular guy who gets voters' frustrations over the jobs and the economy. what do you accounts for this kind of response? >> i think people want to bring fairness and good government back to washington. >> reporter: pundits are saying brown could topple massachusetts's formidable party machine. their candidate, attorney general martha coakley trounced other democrats in the primary last month. facing brown's energetic
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campaign. she lost her air of inevitability further heard by the kinds of stumbles that really count here. she referred to curt schilling as a yankee fan. >> scott browning has curt schilling, okay? >> reporter: schilling is backing brown. >> i am not a yankee fan. >> reporter: bill clinton came out for her, and so did barack obama. yesterday's presidential rally -- >> martha knows the struggles -- >> reporter: -- is today's campaign ad. >> martha knows the struggles massachusetts working families face, because she's lived those struggles. >> reporter: today, ted kennedy's widow, vicky told nbc, nervous democrats are mobilized now. >> ted always said, elections are about the future. they're about moving forward, they're about taking action. >> reporter: brian, one more thing, ted kennedy's son patrick caught attention on blogs today, after reporters said he repeatedly called coakley marcia, not martha. the kind of detail that piles on democrats' challenge here. brian? >> kelly o'donnell, thanks.
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thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, sir. >> did you hear those thank yous? there's a lesson for every child. incredible politeness after waiting six days for one bottle of water. the 82nd airborne has water distribution working on a hillside where they had been dropping it fromhe air only to cause fights and skirmishes for water. we're going to end in haiti tonight. there was a moment where we saw it arrive, so we took these pictures. that's the aircraft carrier carl vincent. it was visible on the horizon, that meant help had arrived. the men and women of the vincent have been saving lives and over the weekend they welcomed a new one. our repo from robert bazell. >> reporter: a navy sea hawk helicopter transports casualties to the ship off the coast of
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port-au-prince. the ship has been taking in a steady stream of casualties. patients like vinion joseph, whose shattered leg had been so infected it had to be amputated. the ship's senior medical officer told me the medical capacity is small, set up to treat sailors on this and other ships in the carrier group. >> this is our general medical surgical ward that's occupied by patients as you can see. >> reporter: at times since the earthquake, the medical staff has had to work 40-hour shifts. when the earthquake hit, the carl vincent was on maneuvers off florida, it was the closest american ship. it got here very quickly. the crew was thrilled to learn of the mission. >> we couldn't wait to get here. >> reporter: everybody's favorite case jean berdie. she was found in the rubble deep in labor. the choppers brought her to the carl vincent when she gave birth to a baby boy saturday.
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she named him vincent in honor of the ship and crew. i got a chance to talk to her. the baby is perfectly healthy? >> yes. >> reporter: the medical staff of the carl vincent save many lives from injuries typical in earthquakes, but they take special pride that vincent is a sign that life in haiti will go on. robert bazell, nbc news offshore port-au-prince. that's our broadcast back in new york, as we begin a new week this monday night. i'm brian williams, on behalf of our team on the ground in port-au-prince, haiti, and elsewhere, we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night.
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